Monday, August 2, 2010


Summer is flying by faster than I would like now that the weather is warm ..... And sadly I haven't had time to even look at pictures I've taken let alone blog about them...... Our family has been passing a bug around since last Wednesday (that is the day Liberty was with a full blown fever) rushed her into the doctor before the office closed that day and away we went for a prescription.......Her eyes were puffy (minus the black eye at that point), her ear was red, and her throat looked sore (none of the stated were bothering her though).......Buzzed to Shelley for medicine and on our way to feeling better...... To my surprise our adventure didn't stop there. Cooper woke up with the pukes followed by Burton and myself. Drew mentioning to me not to worry about him raced home from Supreme Saturday night with the pukes too. With that said, I did laundry all day Saturday thinking that if I got up and did something I would feel better. I once again washed every blanket santitized surfaces only to start over on Sunday with Drew. But Today as I was taking clothes of f the line I looked at this row of little boy underwear and it made me smile. I, too, have been potty training TWO little boys who pee anywhere and EVERYWHERE! We are very much working on this art. I wash underwear every day because with two it really disappears fast. We have been caught peeing on every tree, tire, and crack that looks to need some water.

Liberty's black eye is from Cooper and his strong arm holding a microphone. This happened the day she was really feeling like crap. So when the microphone connected to the eye I thought I needed to call 9- 1-1.

The sunflower was falling over and I needed to mow where it was laying so I mowed over the stem and decided to save the buds. It looks so pretty in the kitchen by the sink and window. I LOVE having fresh flowers in my home.

I have a whole summer to catch up on but I needed to start somewhere.

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The Lane Family said...

It sounds like you have been having quite the summer...I am glad to know that I am not the only one trying to potty train the wild twins.

I must say I thought Aidan was a challenge but these two think of some of the craziest things to do plus they cannot just point and shoot (this can be a plus and a negative at the same time :)) But I know it will be worth it if we can get them potty trained and I can hardly wait for some savings in the money department!!!

Poor Libby...once again the victim of her brothers...

I also wanted to tell you that the meal you made for Ruthan was DELICIOUS!!! My girls loved the hamburger especially with the kidney beans. We now have started doing that with are hamburger and it is GREAT!!

Also what is the recipe for the salsa you made it was delicious!!!