Saturday, September 4, 2010

Back to School ..... Bubba!

I Love that he wears his Dad's cologne. KIlls me everyday!
Note: All four kids in the top right picture... Cousins... .All in the same class.

My cute little preschool class. My prayers were answered so much this year.... I have a wonderful group of children and the first day was so much fun. I've come across some new learning material and I hope it adds upon the things I already LOVE.

So it is not exactly the day that Burton Started School BUT I have no good excuses for why but that I've just been busy. I 've thought this post a million times and I still hits me a different way each time. I did not burst into tears when Burton left or feel like throwing up while he was gone like I did with Liberty but I do feel I am in denial that he is old enough to be there. I LOVE to be the one that picks him up and hear about his day ..... I LOVE how this new adventure has made him hop right out of bed, get dressed, brush his teeth, do his own spike hair do, and pace the floor waiting for Liberty so they can run out and catch the bus. It does however make me sad that Cooper and Mack bawl ... I mean BAWL everyday they get on the bus. The Bus driver commented one day how she wants to cry everyday she gets up too and I had to let her in that its not that , it is the fact she takes our best friends away on the bus. Oh, and they are mad they don't get to ride the bus. The driver was very kind with the riding the bus and offered them a ride whenever they see it parked at her house. I hope she means it.:0
The day the older kids got to go meet their teachers at registration Cooper grabbed a back pack loaded it with random shoes so he could go meet his teacher. I kept asking him if he wanted to meet her and with a huge smile and bright eyes he would say "YES"! I would then reach out my hand and say HI! I'm Miss Kellie I'm your teacher. He would roll his eyes like I was crazy.

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