Monday, September 20, 2010

I Love Fall.......

Leaves are falling all around ...... And I am sad to have things to do inside. I LOVE fall. Color wise it is my season. I LOVE the beginnings of every season. The anticipation of the activities they bring. I am so grateful we get a couple of weeks to celebrate this season with our children, Gearing up for winter, and enjoying the fall moments. Right now I need something pumpkin pie smelling and should be taking advantage of the to dos outside because fall does sneak in some crudy weather.
**I couldn't do everything but I did sneak out my pumpkin door hanger.

I LOVE Fall!

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The Lane Family said...

I am so there with you KELLIE!! I have two favorite times of year and it is fall and spring.

Especially living out here on the east coast you really long for those two seasons because the summer are miserable as are the winters!!!