Monday, October 4, 2010

Let the Fall Fun Begin...........

My own photo before the Bell photo shoot at school

Labor day weekend with the Kidman's ..... enjoyed the Fair parade... Highlights were the free chocolate milk before the parade started.... Missionary Mall threw out ties...... the new recipe for corn on the cob.... Behind us some Hispanic ladies had a booth set up with corn on the cob but not just any kind of corn on the cob they buttered it, added parmesan cheese, then red pepper and tapitio. We tried it out later that night when the Kidman's came over for a BBQ.
We played Restaurant one day last week.... Liberty made the board with the menu.... Burton made the Kids meal sacks..... I made rolled Hot dogs ...... We ran really quick to Broulim's to select the chips, drink, and treat. We tore apart the toy closet to find all the McDonald's play equipment to add to the lunch. We even invited Sister Mecham over to be our customer. Hope she had a great meal.

Dog Bite ..... While at Green Canyon the kids had a great time.... the pool was shallow on one end and allowed them to venture out and play a little more.....Liberty and Burton really liked the freezing cold water hole next to the hot tub...... But things changed on the walk outside to leave..... It was evening and the kids were starving. ..... I walked in front of the building looking for a place to pull out our picnic but had decided to just make the sandwiches in the car because of the dog under the trees, the dog poop on the lawn, and a dead bird. Just as I turned to tell Drew what I decided I hear Cooper screaming and a dog growling and lunging toward Coop with that not nice growl and it continued pushing him backwards until Coop broke free screaming. Drew didn't see what had happened but was right there scooping Cooper up and me not being far away couldn't get my body to move fast enough. Blood was gushing out of his mouth and I am trying to see how bad it was and explain to Drew the details. So, Long story short we ended up going into Rexburg to the hospital, filling out police reports, and getting Cooper man stitched up. Things I learned for next time..... TAke a picture of the dang dog. Stupid ugly dog.... bit my son and I couldn't even tell what it was. I did know it wasn't a poodle. IT was WHITE. When I was telling the pool people what had happened.... THEY could have cared less.... They were like does it have brown eyes or blue eyes..... scars on its nose?....... I then watched the pool girl walk out and call the dog by its name and it moved to her calling it....... Bad experience..... Drew left mad that he didn't beat the dog...... I left grateful he didn't because I would have two wounded people..... I did wake up in the middle of the night to the sit of that dog tearing into my son..... I wish I could have moved faster.... I was so slow it felt like I didn't try at all.

It was a different experience than the car accident we were in. After that I thought NEXT time anwe have an accident I will know. NOPE

Loving being together ...... Drew thought I took a picture every 5 steps.... which I almost did ... I wish they turned out better.... I just loved the scenery..... Saw a lot of beautiful scenery on this drive.

{Square Ice Cream and our picnic at Palisades ......

Week 1 of Harvest is going to be hard to beat. We had a Great Time enjoying the Fall Season and can't complain about the warm temps that allowed for the fun times. I have always enjoyed this harvest break from school..... Love the smell of fresh dirt.......Love seeing the busyness of potato trucks up and down the highway..... I even got stuck behind a truck with a hay wagon that was going extremely slow and enjoyed slowing down for that moment (until this truck and many others pulled over to let me pass).... I Love the Fall colors and the beautiful evenings..... I love the smell of a great apple pie in the oven..... I Love the opportunity to prepare our home and yards for winter. With that being said, "We've been busy!" We kicked off the work the Saturday after school let out with a marathon washing windows day. Wowwee I didn't realize they were so dirty. I stood back and watched the sun beam off of them for quit some time. You should listen to the Relief Society broadcast when President Monson speaks at the end. He tells a story about dirty windows. :) Its a good one. Then off onto the week we played Restaurant, went shopping for halloween costumes, filled our car with 11 kids to go to the corn maze & Artic Circle, gotta day out with my sisters and mom to do a little shopping ( actually with no kids it is a busy one trying to fit a bazillion more stores because of the ease of running in and out ...... plus stores with breakable things), and a drive to Palisades, Jackson Hole, ending at Green Canyon to help Drew's hip and break up the drive.


Jules said...

So much fun stuff. I was so sad to see Cooper's mouth, poor kid, I would be so upset! But, it was good to see you at the hospital, it was a nice surprise for me, even though it could have been better for you guys! But, thanks for coming to visit! I hope Cooper heals fast and you guys keep having fun! Jules

Todd and Shana said...

How scary! Never fun when something happens to your kids. Glad it wasn't worse, although when you're in the middle of it, it's just all bad. You have the cutest family Kellie, and you do so many fun things with them. Someday I'm going to come visit you so I can meet them all in person!

The Lane Family said...

I am with you Kellie I LOVE fall it is the best time of year okay except maybe for Spring which I also love but for a different reason :)

I am jealous about the trip too Palisades and for Square Ice Cream these were family traditions for us as well.

We are blessed living out here because we do have A LOT of trees and it is beautiful this time of year!!

As for Cooper...oh my gosh that is horrible and what an awful dog and what awful people for not helping. Yes..I love animals but when it comes to them hurting one of my out world that makes me FURIOUS. Don't blame yourself Kellie we always wonder what more we could do and the "if only's" start piling up. I am glad he is okay but sad that he had to have stitches. I hope he gets feeling better.

I love the resturant game how fun and I LOVE all of the pictures. I am with you..I can never get enough photo's. Jim teases me but he also loves them as he looks back through the albums.

The Empey Fam! said...

Oh my goodness how creepy! poor Coop! Glad you guys are having fun this fall! we need toget together again!! that was way to much fun!