Tuesday, October 5, 2010


After a good days work or for a treat CHIPS are the treat my family prefers. Don't forget the pepsi.... (your mouth must be chip free before you drink )! So today after giving another go around of cleaning to the Firestation for tomorrow's Relief Society Night it was off to the store for our treat. This is a treat preferred by many a family member. Chips are what we eat.

October is Fire Prevention Month.... It is the focus also of Relief Society Night for our Ward. My hopes with that were it might inspire families to look and evaluate all of their emergency preparedness needs. No one needed this months topic more than myself. I look at it every year with my preschool children and encourage their families to practice fire drills in their homes BUT as always the one who prepares learn more than the students.

Last night as our family was preparing to go clean the firestation for FHE I was wasting time on the computer but smelling something peculiar. Dinner didn't smell that bad and when Drew walked in the door he went straight into the kitchen. He eyes went first to the stove which the light indicator said a burner was on. I was sure I had just turned them all off as well as the oven after taking some pumpkin cheese cake out of the oven. In two seconds I realized one burned had been left on and was melting my garbage can lid. If I had stuck to my original plan of leaving for the firestation as soon as the kids and I ate we'd been in big trouble.

Accidents happen. Make sure you have fire alarms installed. We had ours in their boxes for three years. They are up now!
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Shanna said...

I heard about Cooper. I hope he is healing up well. That sounds like such a scary experience!

The Empey Fam! said...

ohhh We love chips too! cute pictures!

miss mandi said...

it was VERY nice to meet you. and yes, your sister is my VERY favorite teacher. and i love firth because my VERY favorite family lives there.
just saying.