Monday, December 13, 2010

'Tis the Season

For BABIES...... { NOT MINE} But my sisters and sister in law. Not to mention surgeries around this place. My Sister in Law Jamie had a cute little girl a day after Drew's Back surgery. Not able to leave Drew I didn't get to visit them in the hospital {kinda made me feel like when I missed their first day in the hospital with Brooke....I was at home in the middle of a miscarriage.... Bittersweet day }. When I loaded the kids up in the beginning of our snowstorm and with my sore hubby in tow I forgot my camera. So I am needing to get a picture of precious Madison Paige. Since then we've had Thanksgiving, watched our neighbor's move into their new home {another bittersweet day}, My Mom had surgery last Wednesday, Janae is in the hospital RIGHT NOW and their is more excitement in the air.... so much so that with my kids and my sister Camber's kids naptime was a bust, My dad is having surgery on Wednesday and so we are excited to have this baby come today! Today is BAby day! The next baby to arrive in a month and a half when Camber has her's in February.


The Lane Family said...

Wow, you have had a busy couple of months we great things and with not so fun things like surgery.

I hope Drew is feeling better!! I am excited that all went well with Jamie's new little girl and I love the name!!!

I cannot wait to see Janae's little one and hear all about her!!!

I hope your Dad's surgery goes well and that your mom is recovering from having her gall bladder out.

I guess now it is your turn to go for another set of twins :)

Shanna & Brad said...

Wow! That is a lot of surgeries and babies! I hope Janae's delivery went well and that everyone heals up well from their surgeries. I can't wait to see Janae's little girl. She's sure to be a cutie!