Monday, January 3, 2011

{The Things that Matter Most}

{ Cooper's Christmas wish..... HOT Dog set - He is in charge of the tail gate parties for everything Ball team that Mack does!}
{ Mack's ball team Christmas full of ball team jackets, clothes, shirt, pants, ball and of course a HELMET!}

{ Liberty was torn this year as to what should be on her list...... She LOVES baby dolls BUT shoe does have plenty. So, instead she put a teenager doll with the addition of it having a little sister because she LOVES the car seat covers the real babies have and she wanted a baby with a carseat and a cover..... Lucky for her, Grandma Anthony LOVES to sew and she got an armoire FILLED to the max with outfits complete for a Teenager doll}

{ Burton had several different Christmas wishes leading up to the holiday but as we sat to write our letter to Santa Christmas Eve it touched my heart to hear him say that he wanted whatever Santa thought a five year old boy would need ...... He needed a remote control RAZOR and guys to fill it up !}

{ I want to remember the excited hugs of thanks I got after opening each present that filled the desire of their little heart. Those hugs are priceless and that is the feeling I wish would have stayed in my heart all day ....... (sigh.... so much for daughter/ mother of the year)}

{THE Park Grandchildren in their fleece pullovers from Grandpa & Grandma Park }
only missing 4

{ I need to put more moments like this on my list..... Having lost my Grandma Scott a couple of days after Christmas I wish I could remember times like this..... Her health ailing her for a long time I only remember asking her shortly after Grandpa died what she would like to be doing in five years ...... Her response "Dead" o.k. She did live with our families for a couple of years from October to January so that gave our children a little chance to know her but they were funny things like a constant watch on What time it was? She needed a Pepsi..... Don't forget the ice, What time is it? I need a pepsi! Can I go to bed ? but I did realize how many of their GREAT Grandparents they got to know and I only vaguely remember one of mine.}
{The twins were sent home from Nursery with this Nativity sticker set. I thought they were really cute but we came home rushing to change clothes and get on with dinner and visiting family. What I didn't realize was how important they were to the boys until Mack lost his baby Jesus and Joseph trying to transfer the stickers to the paper they were given. I am glad for this one moment that I truly did pause to help arrange and focus on something that was so important to them.}

{Gingerbread Houses with the Mecham's }

{ Sugar Cookie Day}

{Gifts to Neighbors and Friends & Primary Teachers}

The Sunday after Christmas our Relief Society lesson was a talk given by Address: Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "Of Things That Matter Most" October 2010 General Conference. After a major meltdown coming down on Christmas day, and bawling through Sunday morning because the holiday could not be saved and what could I have done differently, I realized that I couldn't eliminate any of these traditions. This is what I seek. I seek to make regular seemingly unimportant events HUGE events that is what is important to me. I seek inspiriation from friends and family and through blogging and try to do what I can to let my children know how important lifes little events are to me because of them.


Will and Emily Empey said...

Looks like a great Christmas!
Kel I think you are wonderful! just want you to know that and I think you are so fun and creative! I have always looked up to you!!! Miss you guys!

The Lane Family said...

What a great Christmas the kids have!! I LOVE their stockings so much fun!!

That is a great idea how you don't wrap the Santa items that is fun. I do wrap all of the the kids gifts but maybe I need to do it how you did it instead :)

I also loved the picture with Grandpa Park so fun and so cute. The olive picture was great as well!!

Matt and Cindy Lou said...

Kellie, Tell Drew I am glad his boy has good taste in NFL teams;). Hope all is good with your family.

Matt and Cindy