Monday, January 3, 2011

{Anxiously Waiting}

{My kids are pouring on the pressure for another little baby ...... We will enjoy loving everyone else's bundles..... They watch Aniston's every move}
{Welcome Home Baby Aniston}

{ At this point I thought her name would be Tenley}

{We were so anxious to meet Baby Aniston we killed some time with haircuts....}


Sherelle said...

What a sweet little baby! How lucky that you're getting another one in the family soon! It looks like you all had a great Christmas. After leaving preschool the other day, I felt bad that I didn't ask about your "meltdown" you mentioned during Christmas break. I didn't want to pry...but I hope everything is ok. Just wanted to make sure there wasn't anything I could help you with, and to tell you how much we appreciate you! Lily and Kate talk about you all the time...they just love you to pieces! Thanks so much for being such a great teacher to them!

Will and Emily Empey said...

AWWW I want to meet Aniston! so fun! I bet all the kids LOVE having a baby around!

The Lane Family said...

What a cute little baby and I love how everyone is gathered around. The good news is that you have a niece now and soon there will be a new nephew for the kids to love and appreciate!!

Now you can maybe have another one or two :)