Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 25, 2011

I started this tradition a few years back when an important person in our life was tragically taken from this earth and left all that loved her here to be with her Father in Heaven. I drew a heart on the date of her death with a reminder to always remember her and her family on this day. It is a day that later I've come to learn the family doesn't really want to remember the day the state patrolmen came to their door to tell them of the news BUT that is why we have friends, so that on days like those we can do something nice, out of our ordinary routine to show our love to them in remembering someone so dear to them. I can't imagine losing a parent/parent in-laws right now in my life. How much we need them in helping shaping our adult lives and keeping us strong while being entrusted with little ones who are so demanding as we mould their lives.
Since the passing of Jackie, my drawing a heart on my calendar has continued with my Grandpa Anthony, Grandma Scott, Grandma Park, and a neice Rachel .
So, What makes January 25 such a day to remember. It was five years ago today my Grandpa Anthony passed away and it is once again a day that may need another heart.
Waiting for the phone to ring to announce the passing of his wife my Grandma Anthony kept me from sleeping last night, and makes my heart race at every ring. Seeing her in so much pain yesterday, I pray the end will be soon and not lengthen its stay and this day will be one filled with joy as the two meet together once again in heaven.


The Lane Family said...

Kellie..this post of course made tears come to my eye..because it is not that we do not want to remember it is that we remember and will always remember the days our loved ones are called home. No matter how long times passes there is always the memories of how much we loved someone and how we are never, ever ready to say goodbye for this life.

I am so sorry about your Grandma Anthony and I know as much as you love her you want her to be happy, and healthy and re-united with your grandpa and those who have gone on before. It is still hard and it is hard to remember that this life is only a small fraction of eternity. But it is hard to see this and know when we want them with us so badly.

I remember a few months before my mom died a very close friend that Jim and I worked with Brett Brower was killed in a few strange and weird accident. At his funeral there was a member of the seventy there because he was related to his family and he said that it is so hard to lose people who are young and seem to have so much in their future like Brett who was 35 or my mom who was 56 but there is even more work that has to be done on the other side and the Lord needs great and strong spirits who can help. That is our grandparents, my mom, your niece Rachel, Jenni and I even believe those babies that you and I have miscarried because since we did in-vitro I know their hearts are beating and they are moving at about 5 to 6 weeks I have seen it with all 3 of the babies who I call my Angel babies along with Jenni.

Thank you for this post and hang in there Kellie :)

The Lane Family said...

I love the picture. It so fun to look back at our grandparents and to see them the age we are now and know they dealt with tantrums, poppy pants and so much more. My heart and prayers are with your family at this time.