Thursday, February 17, 2011


{Mack holding baby Brighton McCall Lewis..... I LOVE how he is holding Camber's hand too.}
{I LOVE Burton with babies..... He looks so much bigger now than the winter we brought the twins home BUT He LOVES this baby just the same. He is a Great BIG Brother!}

{Our silly front yard...... I dread this time of year. The front yard is either a pond or an ice skating ring ( use either free of charge). After one of my preschool children took a dive and smacked her elbow really hard Tuesday I started ice melting the whole yard. This morning when I was out throwing ice melt around the bus driver asked if I was planting grass ;) I WISH thats my next problem to solve. }

I caught a little of this poking through the snow just after nap time...... LONGING for warm weather. I did here the groundhog predicted an early spring. My Grandma Anthony's birthday is on ground hog day. Her biggest birthday wish every year was just that ..... AN EARLY SPRING! She hated winter and cold. She maybe pulled some strings for us here who are struggling a little with winter this year. Crazy thing is she NEVER wore socks. How can you not wear socks in the winter. Golly Gee..... This year I opted for wool socks to keep warm. Gotta love it!
*** Just to note..... I was just watching Liberty get off the bus and with her rain boots just jumped both feet with a spring in her step into a puddle ;)
We also took advantage of the semi warm temps this week and took a little walk around town. Good to get some fresh air!

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The Lane Family said...

The pictures of your boys with their new cousin are so precious!!! I know when I look back and see Aidan with the girls when we brought them home he looks so young in fact he was younger than the girls are time flies...

I understand the problem with the yard we get that as well, we have the freezw so we can all fall and then the thaw which is like a huge mud pie in fact maybe we should play mud football in it!!

I am with you Spring needs to arrive of course then I will whine because the mosquitos will eat us a live and it will hotter than hades an the humidity will be 150% oh well we will enjoy the spring :)

Ruthan said you have had your hands full. Hang in there Kellie and remember you do not have to save and do everything for everyone...there are others who can do some as well!!!