Thursday, February 17, 2011

{Tangled......In LOVE}

Our Family Festivities for Valentine's Day. I LOVED thinking of all the little things I LOVE about the people in my family. I wrote a couple of things for each person on the candy bars wrapped in paper.

Liberty: I LOVE having a little girl. I LOVE to watch her play dolls.

Burton: I LOVE how hard he plays basketball, baseball, and wrestles with his whole heart. I LOVE reading with you.

Mack: I LOVE watching you draw... even if it is with spit :) Drive by the front window ... all of our car windows to see his work at its finest.
I LOVE holding you and watching you sleep and wake up and LOVE your mom.
Cooper: I LOVE my BIG little boy! I LOVE how you watch everything Burton does! I LOVE when you LOVE me... your hugs and passionate silly kisses .


The Lane Family said...

This was a great post and as always I learned how much fun you have with holidays and how creative you are truly a very talented woman.

The candybars with notes is adorable and I may have to steal the idea :)

Will and Emily Empey said...

The candybar idea is fantastic! you are so creative!!