Monday, March 7, 2011


Blogging seems really overwhelming to me sometimes.... Although I LOVE to look back and remember the few things I have written but the task seems hard. I have once again been reminded of how important keeping a journal is and LONG to have that in my life. I feel the desire but there is no action?! I've seen as of late a blog where a picture a day and a short blurb seems to be the answer BUT again there needs to be action on my part. Why I have.... I don't know, I've been reflecting all day on the last week and come up with PIECES. We bought the material to make Liberty's baptism dress (to resemble Baby Aniston's blessing). **NOTE that Liberty is not 8 until June BUT this dress may look like this until JUNE 1. I hope not, I intend to get it done and move onto other details. I LOVED sneaking in every minute I could to sew. I love to sew but hate it too. At this point I need HELP!
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The Lane Family said...

From what I see this will be a very beautiful dress and you need to give yourself credit you are a great seamstress even if you hate it :)

I will agree journal are amazing and I am certainly addicted to it. I blog and then I have another journal where I keep more private things.

Just remember Kellie it starts with small steps and DO NOT beat yourself up if it is not are a very busy lady and for what Ruthan has told me you have to keep several things for entire family going in the right direction...HANG IN THERE!!

Will and Emily Empey said...

ohhh It wil be gorgeous!!! good idea!! I really want to come to Libby's baptism! let us know when it is for sure when June comes around :)