Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Has your child ever?

Has your child EVER pulled a fire alarm and sent everyone in a gym out the door in a panic?
MINE has..... writing this to recover from the drama. My children all run for the outside and I am left inside trying to grab all our crap {really shouldn't have been in a REAL fire}, as a MOM who witnessed my son is telling me in actions from clear across the gym with a smile on her face that it was my son. I hear the wrestling coach telling everyone to get outside as I in a bewildered mess can't find all of my children. Embarassed, I embarass myself once more as I kick him in the butt and haul him outside to put his shoes on. I finally simmer down a tad as in the car I ask him to tell me the truth {Can't figure out how he could reach}. He stood on the tv's to reach it. All the old computer monitors junking up the hallway. I am glad we can't trash those so we can reach the fire alarm. Meanwhile, My brother -in- law David is calmly calling off ALL response units from the harm we just caused.
p.s. I really have enjoyed the social part of wrestling this winter. Have LOVED the visits.


The Lane Family said...

Just think Kelley someday you will look back and laugh about this or heck maybe you can do it now and has for kicking his butt out the door wouldn't we all do that :) Once again no one understands how much of a challenge have having multiples can be because they think of EVERYTHING because two minds are better than one...I am assuming it was one of the twins????

So hang tight and put on a smile and onto another day...by the way the ones really at fault were the ones leaving all the junk out in the first place!!!

Sherelle said...

HOW DID I MISS WRESTLING THIS WEEK??? Russ was feeling better, but I was worried about him over-exerting himself after being so sick...had I known I'd miss all the drama, I would have come anyways!!! LOL! I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, but it totally sounds like something that would happen to me! You poor thing! All you can do is laugh...such is the life with kids ;)

Jules said...

LOL!!!! I love it! That's a great story! At least you didn't end up in the Emergency Room this time!