Monday, August 22, 2011

There's Nothin better than home grown.......

{  I've watching this lonely orange tomato turning to the brightest color.  Then all the sudden it was picked and placed in the window sill in the kitchen.  I knew Drew must have been the "Picker" simply by where it was placed.  I waited as long as I could and ate it without him :0.  I meant only to eat a couple of slices BUT homegrown tomatos are so different..... They are simply delicious!  Hopefully, another one will ripen soon and this time Drew will be home to share the goodness.}

 {As I was dreaming of the tomato post it made me think of my kids and being "HOME GROWN".  Back to school is in our lives and so are all the traditions I've tried to create in saying goodbye to summer but also embrace the goodness of the school year.  I simply hate tearing off that so called band-aid in sending them back to school because when I get them back next summer they've grown and aren't my little babies anymore.  With each passing year,  somehow they each get bigger and I can't remember where my little kids have gone.   So many fun personality traits in each child, so many times we've had fun together, so many times I wish I had been a more understanding mother, and so many times I want to just bottle this time in our lives never letting it slip away.  With that came my desire to capture my Family NOW.  The joke in our Anthony Family is we have Family pictures every other month.... wink!wink!  It's true!  I think I feel the same as my mom in saying we LOVE right now and thankfully,  depending on how you look at it,  right now is quit often  {the blessing of living near family }and we never want to forget it.    Drew and I have had the opportunity to speak in church recently about building a Christ Centered Home.  Try as I may, I fail alot and seems that this topic couldn't be more needed in our family right now,  as well as my opportunity to teach a Sunday School class which focuses on the Prophets of our church.  Each one having different life experiences to add to their time of Service. 
Just wanted to remember a couple Quotes and never forget this time in my life.

 "No other success can compensate for failure in the home."
President David O. McKay

"One of our most precious possessions is our Families"
President David O. McKay

"It's possible to make home a bit of heaven.  Indeed, I picture heaven as a
continuation of the ideal home"
President David O. McKay

"What'er Thou Art,
Act Well They Part."
President David O. McKay

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The Lane Family said...

You have an AMAZING family!!! I agree with you it seems like our children grow so fast and change so quickly that you blink and things have changed and the babies are gone....

The quotes are amazing and something I need to keep in mind especially when you have those DAYS!!! You are a great writer and so good at posting amazing blogs THANK YOU!!!