Saturday, July 30, 2011

All in a Week........{or more}

{ FRIENDS..... couldn't go to bed without this post.... I feel blessed with Friends.... Grateful for the bond of Drew and His FRIENDS (from childhood to high school) not all are here and though they look dorky....... This captures them........ the long Josh calls and dinners for us when Drew was down with his back..... Thick and Thin ..... Blood Brothers are some..... FRIENDS}

{ A FUN day at Ross Park with our kids ...... MY FRIENDS}

{He didn't stop smiling...... LOVED everything the kid play center and Lazy River}

{I LOVED watching Him, Liberty and Drew off together down the BIG slide or the leap pads}

{My pollywogs..... He and Coop would stand up and then just fall into the water.....stand up catch a breathe and do it all over}

{Basalt Ward's Pioneer Pet Promanede... OUR favorite}

{My cute pioneer cowboy}

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Tracy said...

I tracked down your blog so I could find your e mail to send you some pics. But your comment about friends made my throat tighten because I am also grateful for friends and for Dan's buddies and wives. I hope my kids can have that same simple joy that loyal-true friends bring us and be able to create the kind of memories that are never too old to remember and relive. That day was old-school fun.