Monday, July 18, 2011

What do you in the summertime?

My Mom and sisters just survived a 8 day long trip with students and parents to Anaheim, CA {you know the home of DISNEYLAND!} Being that jealousy comes out every time my mom goes to Disneyland and the kids can't go, she soothes it over with a packet she creates a of things for them to do until she comes home. This year we completed Disney coloring pages, read stories from the FRIEND, checked on Grandpa, help clean up her Construction site aka. Kitchen, and planted in her garden.

When the day of their return came the kids wanted to be at the airport and see them. We made some cute little hats with their own personalized writing across the front and made the trek to the airport and to make sure we didn't miss them we went an hour early. In the time we could roll all over the airport floor, go to the bathroom a gazillion times, keep them off the display 4-wheeler, and keep asking them to move back from the doors that would pinch their fingers off ;).

I noticed the whole time there this "very put together older couple". I could tell several times they were watching my children. I have to admit I watched her as she walked to the restroom and noticed the clothes she was wearing and wondered where she was traveling from. Well, We gave our welcome home hugs and rushed to get the luggage and in the meantime in this tiny airport, I was standing next to this "older lady" again. This time she spoke. She commented on her watching me and my children interact and how we must have been missing who we were waiting for for a long time. When I told her it was only a week she was rather surprised. Her kids were flying in to stay with her for a week in her summer home in Jackson Hole. A week was plenty. I left feeling good about the interactions I had in that stay with my children and that I was able to make this event which is rather small something a little bigger to celebrate with my children.

After the airport we took them to try the Orange Leaf in Idaho Falls. It turned out to be one of the best summer nights in their books.

In a blog post soon, I want to post Mel's wedding. It was on this day that the summer meant so much more to me. I was given a glimpse of my ETERNAL Family. Drew and I are so blessed to live by both our parents. To have our moms in one day join us for the last day of swimming lessons, a picnic in the park, and a movie in town. We couldn't be luckier!

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