Monday, July 18, 2011

A simple List......

Can set the tone for the summer....... When at the beginning of the summer Burton wrote this list with determination and packed an adventure bag I was completely taken back with the simpleness of what can make a person HAPPY. I especially LOVED the adventure of seeing how LONG HE COULD HOLD HIS BREATHE. I am on a mission to complete ALL of these little adventures for him. June was a month busy with celebrations I cannot wait to organize my pictures to post about But with the beginning of July Our Little family set out to complete a few fun simple requests.

We slept out on the trampoline..... Well, some of us slept while others tossed and turned. Then we had our Park family over to watch tangled on the side of our house. Just a fun way to end the day. This last Saturday we took advantage of our Blackfoot pride and set out to watch the snowmachines race across Jensen's Grove. Another day that was noted to be fun.

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The Lane Family said...

It always amazes me and reminds me that our kids can teach us so much if we just listen and pay attention.

I love Burton's list and it shows that it really is the simple things in life that make things GREAT!!

I love your sleepover outside on the tramp and I bet I can guess who tossed and turned :) I also love the movie outside idea that is awesome!! You must share what you used to project the movie!!!