Tuesday, November 29, 2011

{The Best Day Evero}

Charles Francis Adams, the grandson of the second president of the United States, was a successful lawyer, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, and the U. S. Ambassador to Brittain.  Amid his responsibilities, he had little time to spare.  He did, however, keep a diary.  One day he wrote, "Went fishing with my son today------- a day wasted!"
On that same date, Charles's son, Brooks Adams, had printed in his own diary, "Went fishing with my father today ------- the most wonderful day of my life!"

We decided to take the kids to town on Friday and walk at their pace through the toy stores to see what was out there this year for Christmas.  I have no clue what they would want and thought this would be a fun day to do something they die to do everytime we walk into a store or go to town.  So off to town we went.  First stop.... TARGET .  We did o.k. and got a few things off of our have to list and moved onto our second store TOYS R US.  Well, our enthusiasm started dying and our patience as the kids pushed every button on every toy known to man and our third stop was..... to get GROCERIES. 
Now this stop was pure fun !   Everyone started treating everyone else a little jerky.... I even swore ;) (Surprise!) and screamed at the kids as they were getting into the car ( the whole parking lot heard) ..... We then took the kids to Dairy Queen of all places.  The commercials are so enticing at night time and I had to try it.  The ride home came with warnings and timeouts to be done upon our arrival at home AFTER the groceries were unloaded of course.  So, we get home we are all grabbing bags from the car and even Mack and Cooper are trying to find a bag that suits their size.  In one of my several trips for more I pass Cooper and with the same skip of enthusiasm he had at DisneyLand He Says "This was the Best Day Eveo"  ..... He doesn't really pronounce his R's that well...... That comment right there slapped me right in the face.  I quickly thought of this story given in our Relief Society lesson the week before.  Never do I want to be the parent that thinks of the day WASTED!

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The Lane Family said...

Thanks for sharing this blog it was AWESOME!! I think we sometimes have to be reminded that the best thing we can give our kids is TIME!!!