Tuesday, November 29, 2011

There were 2 in the bed and the little one said..... ROLLOVER

For the second night in a row a little man has come crawling to my bed to wiggle himself either right in the middle or have me roll to the middle so that he can occupy the outside spaces of the bed.  In either situation it is UNCOMFORTABLE!  Last night I wrote a better blog post about it though, as I was either getting kick up and down and startling myself that it was me falling out of bed, ..... realizing that this little man is quickly approaching 4!  and I can't remember my other children getting the luxury of sleeping this way.  Our family dynamics changed when the older two felt small.  Their Momma huge with twins and having even dad in the bed felt like there were to many occupants;) .  After that our feeding routine for the twins had us up every three hours, so sleeping in that room was next to impossible.  They have however, crawled in and slept on the floor but really they have only done that when they are sick and it is more for me than them. 
I Love watching them sleep.  When I have a decent computer once again.... I 'd like to show evidence of just how they either look identical to their DAD or how crazy all over their bed they are. 
**Mack is my only stomach sleeper.....(Just like his MOM).

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The Lane Family said...

Don't worry Kellie when Aidan was the girl's age I had just had the girls and was up all night with Avery and feeding tubes so he slept on a mattress in our room because he would get scared. Avery sleeps all over the bed and her room and Miss Kaylee always comes in for her spot at some point in the night. At times I just go and crawl into her bed and leave her sleeping on one side and Jim on the other..I just want sleep!!!

Like the song says at some point..."your gonna miss this!!"