Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{Mack's Broken Wing}

So in another attempt to get this posted..... Here he is all cute and broken.  The cast looking all cute for that one day.  I had the best of intentions to keep it clean and nice, covered with tube socks to keep the sand and grit out but with the randomness of a child that theory was laid to rest.  I even made a couple of the tube socks sneaky snakes but with the warm weather, a hot cast, and a hot sock over the hand wasn't the answer either. 
So, How did the little guy buckle fracture his arm and end up wearing a cast until November?  We were invited to a Family Home Evening with the Peterson's.  It was so fun to be in their company again and feeling of their spirit and watching them model a Family Home Evening lesson that captivated the kids.  I was in awe of the great hold simple everyday objects gave to the lesson.  It was fun,  and it was filled with the excitement of the children in trying to answer the questions in order complete a Field Goal.  To top it off was a challenge to complete a temple structure out of sugar cubes.  Each sugar cube could be laid for  a service given or /and  missionary experience had. 
After the lesson the kids had a moment to play outside and spend time laughing on the fun outside toys.  But for some reason when in the swing Mack decided to experiment and let go of the swing mid air and land with a buckle fracture to the arm.  The X-Ray showed  a possible fracture through the ulna too but we will x-ray it again in November.  Brother Peterson brought Mack inside and we tried serving treats to end the night but Mack would not quit crying.  Not even for a root beer float and he loves RootBeer.  He cried for another hour as we got the kids in bed and then woke up around midnight. 
When I went to his room and saw him raise his arm, I knew it was broken.  This was how the rest of the night went.  Everytime his arm moved so began the crying.  With a sleepless night, Drew stayed home to help figure out what we were going to do with him. 
He was put in a soft cast for the first couple of days and then changed to a hard cast.  He would never removed the soft cast for ice.  He liked it all snug and close to his body.  Once he got the hard cast he was good most of the time.  Soaking in the moments of sympathy and signatures got us past the moments when he cried because it hurt.  Cooper was shocked for a while by the attention and grabbed onto the soft cast with tape wrapped around it but just like any other band-aid was shortly ripped off because it hurt.  Burton made me laugh because he said if he were to break his arm it would have to be his left arm because he writes and does everything with his right arm. Hmmm! if only we got a choice.

Yesterday, the boys and I went to visit Terry Bolinder and Jeter.  Jeter is the dog, and Terry and I get a kick out of how the boys pronounce Jeter.  If I could spell how they say it it is like JETEO.  Anyway, Terry laughs at it everytime.  They love to throw balls at Jeter.  Jeter retrieves them and brings them all back very slimy.  But yesterday before we left Terry asked if he could sign Macks cast.  I thought it was so cute.  Mack's blue cast was very dirty so I went to cal - stores to buy some wrap, hoping to find his favorite color orange, but when I asked the sales girl to help me locate it she asked the size of animal it needed to fit.  With a short pause I said, a little 3-year old boy but bigger than a cat.  Luckily, the small horse size was a match:)

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The Lane Family said...

Poor always makes you wonder what inspired him to just let go??? As for keeping it clean you have used some cute and great ways to help that happen...I LOVE the snake socks so cute!!!

But the best of all is getting the "vet wrap" at CAL Stores that is what it is called and I love how you gave them a size to use!!!

I hope that Copper decides not to follow suit!!!