Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{Harvest Snowman}

We snuck away from good old Firth the first week of Harvest vacation and returned to hear that the weather would be changing on us into the second week of the vacation.  I LOVE harvest break .  I LOVE the beauty of fall.  I love for that two weeks you can have a little freedom to enjoy the freedom of a routine and see how the things around us transform into another shade of beautiful.  I love the sites and smells of fresh dirt.  Seeing the harvest in full swing up and down the roads.  I love capturing it all even though I am technically not a farm girl I LOVE being around it. 
I have used as a time to prep our home and yard for winter and celebrating with the making of spudnuts but with the playing we did week 1 very little work got done. 
I did get my crew together and wash the inside and out of my windows on Monday.  When the colder weather rolled in, so did we.  I took to sewing Halloween cosutmes and putting on the pot of comfort stew while Drew and the boys played outside.  They worked a bit, played a bit, and worked..... they went back and forth all day.  I tossed in a good harvest smell in the scentsy and enjoyed the day. 
Burton got the random snow clothes out (that were never buried that deep..... what does that tell you) to go make a cute snowman with the twins. 
With that today is alittle warmer .... at least we don't have snow but I would like to enjoy  an indian summer.  I am not ready for the freezing cold.  I took the kids to town on the really wet and snowy day.  I found church shoes for the boys for Christmas.  Anyway, I had Cooper take off his shoe to try on the new shoe and his socks were completly dripping wet.   Not ready to face that.  Keeping them dry and inside.  Here's to a LONG winter ;)

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The Lane Family said...

What a great photo of the boys!!! Only in Idaho would you have snow during spud harvest...we have rain and A LOT of rain...but it has been and continues to be in the 70's don't worry that is not all well either :)

Will you send me your recipe for spud nuts????