Wednesday, September 21, 2011

{Homework with Burton}

Just now reading over Burton's homework and listening to him read, I run across this paper.   Check out the answer written in response to the question:  AFUWILR.  Thinking to myself "What" and then looking again for my brain to process.  What are things trucks or vans carry?  A Four Wheeler ..... of course that is what it is!  He is constantly sounding things out and on every random paper he draws on is our own version of MAD GAB.  Gotta LOVE 1st Grade.  Looking forward to more mystery puzzles from this kid. 


Arlyn said...

Ha Ha. When Rebekah did this paper, she decided her truck could carry cats. That's an easy word to spell. :)

The Lane Family said...

Kids have such amazing minds and imaginations. Plus I truly believe they write and talk about things that they know and enjoy as a cute!!!

Oh...question is your new brother in law a Marine and doing his basic at Quantico???