Wednesday, September 21, 2011

{We owned the night...}

{What a day.... Our family didn't fall short of blessings from Memorial Day weekend to the 4th of July weekend to pull of an event Melody has dreamed about forever.  It was the kind of day you never want to end and one that you wished everyone you loved could be there.   The celebration was one where friends and family united and you got to see just how small the world really is.  (Bryan has relatives just outside of Idaho Falls who are related to people here. )  Mel found her dress in the first store, it was the first dress she tried on, and she bought it thinking " if this doesn't work out Bryan can pay me back half ;)" .  I know Melody knew he was the ONE and everyone of us knew that when she found Mr. Right the process would move fast,  and did it ever.  We hustled ourselves through June finding everything we needed to complete a million little details.  Bryan was able to be in Firth and devote himself to those details to.  From sun up to sun down everyone was busy in one way or another, building stands for cotton candy, popcorn, buying food, prepping food, making cakes, decorating cakes, sewing tableclothes, remodeling Mom and Dad's kitchen, clean up the remodeling mess (in fact one day after cleaning up the dust and wood, Burton told the carpenter's to try to keep it clean), sewing dresses, taking pictures, editing the wedding mailing list, addressing, and the list goes on.  A couple of Sundays ago,  we were reflecting on the things we were able to accomplish and the items placed in our path to do it.  Mel's dress was a sleeveless bodice.  My mom was able to find a beautiful Lace top that matched the colors exact to sew in and from the extra on the bottom make a cap sleeve.  From there she found another fabric to compliment the dress  and make a 3/4 lenth bowlero jacket to go over the top.  The dress was gorgeous with both.  Being able to do that was nothing short of a miracle.  I loved the vintage cars, the handmade canoes, and I bascially saw this picture and it made me smile.  I loved this day!

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