Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Do We Have A Birthday Here?

These two have had the best weekend.  Spoiled and Rotten to no end!  We enjoyed a great winter evening with family swimming at Heise.  Our families played and enjoyed each others company.  I was so grateful for their efforts to make the trip and share the evening with us.  The kids played so hard in the pool that not to far on the road home I called back to the kids to see who had a neighbor already asleep.  The car was sound.  So Sound that we brought them into the house and not one wiggle stirred them awake.
The Twins picked out a BOISE STEAK aka: Boise State basketball jersey set  that goes perfectly with the season of JAZZ basketball we are in. 
It is hard to believe how quickly time passes and how hard life seemed when they were new is a distant memory and even fading and oft times fear the future of teenagers already. 
I will never forget the tremendous support and help with our parents in visiting those little guys in the NICU and making sure someone was there each day.  Last night as I visited with the Twins about their BIRTH day they asked something about them coming home to ours house (as they both would say) and it was then that I remembered again how hard it was to leave them in the hospital and again how hard it was to leave Mr. Mack behind when Cooper came home.  
So grateful for these little guys.  They have quirks that bring joy into our home that we would miss if they hadn't come together.  They pretend to be twins, they often remind each other that they are best friends, Mack is struggling with eating vegetables right now, Cooper denies the fact that he only 4, They both have girlfriends way beyond their years Miss Emily and Miss Celeste, They love to wrestle and can dribble a basketball pretty dang good for a 4 year old, They wave huge waves each morning to  the bus driver, and Love to take baths.

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The Lane Family said...

Kellie..I remember running into you and Drew at EIRMC when you were going for an ultrasound..the day you actually had them and Ruthan and I told you we were also having twins.

Twins are amazing and it is funny how they are the best of friends and can also fight like crazy!!!

It has it challenges but it is also such an amazing blessing!!!

I love their cupcakes and what they did on their birthday so cute!!