Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I don't want to be a Sunbean!

I think I realize in November that these two would be Sunbeams.  Cooper was way excited!  Mack not so much.  In the car or doing work around the house we would burst into song, " Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam....."  Almost immediately Mack would Yell " I don't want to be a Sunbean!"  I would try to talk him into it and usually he would cry.  My game plan was to keep singing it and see if I could break him.  A couple of days before the big day I began singing and Immediately I was stopped again.  Mack then said to me " Is Jesus going to be there (meaning at church on Sunday)"  I couldn't help but to laugh and turns out Jesus was on my side because He went and LOVED it.  Their primary teachers couldn't be better and already have won the love of me and my sons.

I will be forever Grateful to these two sisters.  A great marker to me of a genuine teacher is the excitement the child brings back home  or to the parent after class.  These two Sisters rise above and A couple Sunday's ago when they came to find me in the Relief Society room .... The excitement from their little bodies with the treasures they acquired that day made my heart sing.  It was the excitement I thought we had lost in the other ward..... BUT it was there .....Right there in our New Ward it was never lost we just had to find it.   

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The Lane Family said...

I LOVE this post!!1 The girls are also sunbeams and want too go SOOO bad but Avery is not allowed until May..so we sing the "jesus wants me for a Sunbeam" song and have our own primary when Aidan and I or Jim and Aidan come home from church!!

I agree with you...I think primary teachers have to remember how important and amazing they are to these children!!!

Did you move??? Or did they change your ward boundrie as well???