Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I am a person that does not necessarily embrass change well.  I have seen personal growth in myself as my family has embraced the change of wards.  Which this little story from Liberty makes me giggle inside .....  I am not sure the exact exercise name at school but this is what I found in her homework folder. 
Little Miss L wrote:
My exciting change was changing churches.  I liked my other church but it's good to try a new one.  I was kind of scared.  It was good.

So, with this story I loved that she taught me so many simple lessons and that we still belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of  Latter-Day Saints but we can embrace so much by simply being asked to change.
A time to update computers came in our home and I had been planning for the change for some time and given it some thought so we opted on a laptop and  updated our home to wireless internet and printer.  Sounds great on the blog BUT I hate it.  HATE is pretty strong but I feel so frustrated.  It is taking so much time to transfer my preschool stuff, pictures, my lovely fonts and to top it off I didn't realize how old the system was I working on was and how foreign this new stuff is.  Things that used for feel like they were right at my finger tips aren't and I feel like my Grandma used to when attempting her family history.  I haven't done anything but browse......GET BACK ON THE HORSE and LEARN.
I am looking forward for little changes. I think I can handle the change to Spring,  a short trip away from home for the weekend ( sometimes that is hard for me), and so this little pep talk is for me.  I will learn this new stuff! 

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