Wednesday, March 21, 2012

{The strength of a Boy........

For the last few years during this dull time of winter when every little kid gets that cooped up feeling and needs to exert some of their pent of energy the High School wrestling program puts on a little wrestling camp that is a week long, then every Thursday for practice, and spuradic tournaments the month of March.  In years past we have just done what is put on by Firth.  They have just a tournament for the kids in the camp, then a wrestling night which is a tournament for EVERY serious about wrestling parent I never knew existed, and let him go to the month of practices.  This year he specifically asked to do a travel tournament.  We set our sights on a trip to Soda Springs since the W. J. tournament would be a conflict for us.  We got LUCKY this last weekend with a tournament in Snake River.  Along with a few other families in the area we went. 
Burton's age group got their call to go to the wrestling room to pair up and then they marched back in to their four corners of the mats to wrestle.  I saw the cutest preschool boys in their wrestling shoes and singlets and thought about doing that same thing next year for Mack and Coop.  Then it was down to the mats to watch Burton. 
Burton's group was moving really slow.  It gave us time to watch Gage and then finally it was down to Burt.  He wrestled all his matches back to back.  Hardly time to catch his breathe and go back to the mat.  He won his first one with a take down ( remember I know absolutely no wrestling lingo but a half nelson! Promise), the next one he won with points, and then lost the third.  By the fourth he is wrestling a kid from his 2nd and 3rd match, both boys having lost one match.  Burton put up a good fight and lost.  He was quickly awarded his medal but I must admit as his mom I think I could finally be a supporter of wrestling.  The dad's of the other kids all came and complimented him.  His biggest accomplishment was some hold that allowed him to pick the kid up and throw him back down to the mat.  Looks alittle shocking but is allowed ;}.  The kid was intense, he never gave up, and by the end he said he was only crying because he couldn't breathe. 

It was Awesome!

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