Sunday, May 20, 2012

LaUnDry RooM FaceLifT 2012

Look What I did for my Anniversary Gift. ...... We gave the old Laundry room a FaceLift.  Well, This is as much as we could get done in two days but Boy! am I pleased with the results.  We riped down old cupboards, hauled all the crap {namely my totes of decorations}into the preschool room, set to painting the walls, AND making new more efficient shelves.  When we were done walking in and out I painted the concrete floor.  Looked remarkable compared to the dungeon we had.   BUT in all my trips out to the GarBage I came to our next project ....... The old cupboard turned storage shelves with spindle legs I found collecting dust high up in the rafters of my dads Garage, leftover crown molding from the corner of Dad's Garage, and a little bits of other trim to finish up the raw edges and LOOK at my Favorite thing!  I love it!  The floor wasn't suppose to have anything placed on it for 72 hrs but I barely could wait 24 hrs just to see what this looked like.  Now I want to do more!  Well, all but putting the crap back!


Devry said...

Cute! I love it when things get organized and are more functional. Then if it's cute on top of that it's like the icing on top of a cake. You guys got that done quick, I need some of that speediness over here!

The Lane Family said...

First off Happy Late seems that we have it the same day as you every year :)

I LOVE the facelift it looks awesome!!! Like you I am always looking for away to make things even better and for new uses :)

I do have to laugh here we are at 11 years Kellie and we get excited about doing Anniversary gifts such as facelifts on laundry rooms or getting to go grocery shopping just Jim and I ;)

All the fun!!

Kellie Park said...

Romantic ..... I know!