Sunday, June 3, 2012

bliss*ful/ {extremely happy; full of joy}

I have had plenty of time to do this post but along with computer problems I've added procrastination.  I've thought of a billion titles, wrote many thoughts but now as sit to actually write something it all escapes my mind.  The title really does capture how I have felt.  I have felt  full of joy  with the stage of our family right NOW.  If I could keep them like this for just a little longer ..... I definately would. 
We did it. We took the plunge and decided to take our little family on a trip. A trip to DISNEYLAND. I've had this idea in my head off and on throughout the year and the timing has never been right. We decided to put it off to potato harvest to pacify ourselves during the summer but at the beginning of September it still felt like a scramble to pull it together. I tucked it away and wasn't really satisfied with that either. UNTIL the Sunday before we left I was speaking with a friend (Angela.... Their family was going and driving the whole way ;0) and I had a feeling like I could do it. We could drive to Disneyland and have a good time and we would be o.k. I decided to run it by Drew and Surprise! Surprise! He was game. I started calling the next day to line things up and it all fell into place. We had 4 days to get ready to load up our rented mini van and go for a week vacation. The very first week long vacation in my life.

We broke the news to our kids Monday night in Family Home Evening as we loaded our suitcase for things we would need when we went on a mission. To symbolize Disney I had a Lightning McQueen with mickey mouse ears that my Mom had brought home to the kids from her trip there this summer. We have a gazillion Lightning McQueen cars in random places all over our house so it really didn't look odd to them until I pointed out "What if we just took you to Disneyland First". We had been talking about it long enough and changing our minds that I don't think it really sunk in to them.
During the road trip I decided to capture the expressions of the kids, so I decided to write down their exact words (well, I did pretty good on the way down ;)
Burton:  ( they were so excited about the van and they had their entertainment pack situated just right and we are now in Pocatello) "This is FUN!"
Cooper:  (10 times on the way to BLACKFOOT) "How are we going to get to the hotel.....(MEANING When will we get there!)
Mack :  ( My very thoughful sister, MELODY gave us the movie Sandlot  and in Mills, UT while watching the movie )  "HOLY SHIT"  repeating the movie accompanied with "This is FUN!"

I set up a little store for the ride down.  Every so often I would reward their excellent behavior with  play money and then a little while later they could purchase the treats I was offering with the money.  If they wanted a certain movie they could save their money and purchase that too. 
for example:  at 4:40 p..m. They could purchase a caprisun, slim jim, and crackers for $10.00

We stopped in St. George that evening for dinner at McDonald's.  Cooper gets out of the car and before stepping up onto the sidewalk turns back and hugs the headlights of the car. 

Oh, Boy but at 1:44 a.m. in LasVegas Mack starts with the pucks and dirrehea - so begins the night of laundry so we can hustle and get in the car to finish this trip.  Little did we know someone would scratch the side of our car AND two seconds into the next leg of the trip Mack pukes AGAIN.  {so glad we purchased the extra insurance!}

Sooo Fun seeing Disney in Halloween . Seeing the VILLIANS of Disney.  Seeing Coopers Skippy excited feet as we race back to the Little Mermaid ride or Gadget's Roller Coaster.  Bunkbeds in our HOTEL room.  Living on Slim Jim's and goodie mix I made up.  Soaking in every moment with my family and conquering DISNEY alone with DREW.   But feeling homesick wishing our Grandparents could have at least come with us the first day we arrived just to witness the pure joy escaping from head to toe on the kids.   Kids experiencing public transportation.  Screaming slow down to BIG CITY traffic.  Running Crazy mad ALL day long in the parks because the parks closed at 8:00p.m. not wanting to waste ONE single minute.  Still experiencing that running feeling in our sleep for nights after being home.  Trying rides just for the kids..... Tower of Terror!.  Going on rides I've never been on before Autotopia and going on it at least 5 times.  Enjoying an Angels game with FRIENDS from FIRTH.  Going to the beach. Walking the pier which was a LONG walk.  Enjoying a milkshake while watching the ocean.  Listening to TUNES that are so California and Beach playing on the radio.  Wanting to see someone famous just because I'm in California. Maybe a Kardashian.
We can't WAIT to Go AgAiN!

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The Lane Family said...

So FUN!!! I LOVE how you do the pictures collages you might have to share the technique :) What a great trip and I am going to use the idea about using money and having the kids by treats and movies...AWESOME I also had to laugh how the kids repeated things they thought and had seen on the show...sorry it is funny!!

That is so cool that you also got to enjoy a game with Jason and his family!!!

What a great trip!!