Sunday, June 3, 2012

{Chrome in the Dome..... a check off the old bucket list!

He did it!  My dad entered his mustang in a car show ChRome in the DoME!  He asked me earlier in the week to help in transporting cars to Pocatello and then shining up the 'stang.  We drove down in rain/slush which partly is against his code.  The car only sees pretty days.   Then we polished and waxed it at least FOUR times.  Dad took me to Sizzler for lunch and I took to being texting buddies with His Mustang pal Tom. 
Saturday we took the family to the dome and let them pick out their favorite car.  Kinda fun experience.... Fun to have a little time with my dad.....He even won an award!  Here's to BUCKET LISTS!


Tracy said...

All those sweet cars! I bet your dad was like a boy in a candy store :) Those kind of moments are pretty special...just plain old good time with your Dad. I bet this will be a memory for the books with your kids awesome to see your grandpa's car included in the Dome's awesome-ness!

The Lane Family said...

So FUN!!! I love the picture of your Dad with his car and with several of the grandkids..that is AWESOME!!

What a great way to spend a weekend and I love all of the cool cars and the new Memories that were made.

Plus getting to spend time with you Dad is worth it all!!!