Sunday, June 3, 2012

{MaY By ThE NuMBeRs.....

1.  Preschool Graduation.... Down to my last year with my children as students....(wipe a tear). 2.  How many students in preschool this year were COUSINS.....5!  Brian, Sarah, Mack, Coooper and Averie.  3.  To add to our HOT DIGGITY DOG SCHOOL'S DONE Celebration I scored a jump house.  4.  For the BIG Graduation ceremony each child recites a nursery rhyme.  Well, Mack did.  Coop chickened out in both my graduation and the high school preschool graduation (even with a trip to Hard Times Brib).  5.  Gave our laundry room a facelift and then used the trash to make some awesome shelving go back in the room. (who woulda thought I would take a second look at the crap!)  6.  Liberty's Dance Recital.....could not get the date right for that or graduation this year to save my life..... 7.  Field Day .... windy WINDY day 8.  Camping in Challis over Memorial Day weekend.... driving through snow and enduring pelting rain ..... But the kids NeVer complained  9.  Breaking out of the rain because Cooper started to fever.  Time out to warm up and watch a movie.  10.  Sunday .... visiting the Land of the Yankee Fork museum panning for gold.   My little Mack turned bold as he walks up to a stranger and says "Hey FAT BOY!"  Where did that come from?.  I couldn't pan for gold very long but I know some people who could .... Each person could take two flakes of gold home..... I need more than a flake;).  11.  Visiting the cemeteries.  My Grandma Anthony used to call Memorial Day "Decoration Day."  She would prepare for this day for months.  Making sawdust bags out of burlap to make her own floral arrangements specific to each person she was remembering... like little baby picks and pinks for her baby Cheri, flags for Grandpa's brother killed in WWII.  Always the week before carrying her own water and cleaning solution (which I think was White Vinegar) to wash off each headstone and prepare it for all those who would visit.  This particular picture is of a Friend's Parents.  Thought it so thoughtful the heart created out of pinecones.  12.  Baseball Practice.... AND Mack & Cooper were given the extra hats  and they were in HEAVEN. 13.  FINALLY! got our garden planted  14.  A FREEDAY Saturday..... Woke up late. Washed Laundry. Hung out to Dry. Worked on projects but never finished one.  Shared leftovers and a Pepsi for lunch. Let the kids put on swimming suits and play on the tramp with water.  15.  1st Bee sting 16.  Set up the sewing machine outside too.  17.  My twins who are full of trouble from breaking the garage door, busting a piece on my doorhandle in the car, pouring gas out for no reason, lighting matches, .........  18.  Which isn't numbered on the picture The picture with the missionaries.  Being blindsided by missionary transfers and forgeting how hard it is to say goodbye when you've grown to LOVE them.  As the Elders walked from our home Monday night I began to sob.  Drew standing on the porch while I tried to divert the tears by picking up the lawn said, " I've always wanted to get to know the Elders and have them feel comfortable in my home."  Tuesday, I pulled together an old tradition my family had by making an apron with the State of Idaho on it highlighting where FIRTH is and then having our family sign it.  We asked another family to join in the signing and surprised Elder Hernandez with the apron when he visited with this family. As we left there that night Burton struggled to fit back the tears and today at church not seeing Elder Hernandez was a shock for Mack and Cooper.   Elder Wood and Elder Hernandez were DYNAMIC.  Made us feel the spirit of missionary work again. 

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The Lane Family said...

Great POST!!! You have had a very, very busy Month of May but I have a feeling that every month is busy like this :)

Thank you so, so much for posting the picture of my Parent's grave I wanted to see it and Ruthan and I talked A LOT about how she was decorating looks beautiful...granted I can think of better places to visit them other than a cemetary!!