Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lovin us Some Baby Hadley......And Puppies!

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new SUMMER babies has brought ALOT baby talk into our home..... The most memorable was in the car on the way to swimming lessons when each child expressed their desire like this "We need a baby in our home" and from Liberty came " I wouldn't even care if it were a BOY just to have a baby in our home!"  So cute and precious that they recognize the love a baby brings and the joy.  BUT in my home I'm thinkin FOUR is enough especially after this week.  { only because those cute little babies grow up to be four year olds!}

The awaited text of good news arrived early Tuesday morning which happened to be JULY 10th Aunt Janae's Birthday.  27 hours later Little Miss Hadley arrived the next morning at 1:27 a.m. in American Fork.  SOOOO excited and planning this day forever we loaded our car and decided to take the drive minus our dad.  It was the longest drive to Utah EVER.  Baby Hadley did not disappoint ..... She was as cute as ever and we kissed her little head, sniffed the new baby smell, listened to her little noises, and wished we did not think that this newborn stage might pass to quickly and that we might miss it.   Watching my little boys in the sweetest voices ever melt at the mention of the new arrival and Liberty BAWLING from Pleasant Grove to Sandy with the biggest tears I have seen.  The excitement was not missed across Mel's face and the addition to her little family was a gift straight from heaven.

Flash forward to three restless nights and the only parent wrangling four children in extreme temperatures, three of which are boys who HATE to shop, being away from our little Southeast Idaho town.  Cooper refuses to sit in a seatbelt and his car seat pushing every button in my body and me thinking I can not let him slide and get away with this .  Counting to three still doesn't not motivate him to move so I decide to move him myself.  Weeping and Whaling in addition my raising my voice only leads me to think that the bystander a few cars away is going to turn my into the police.  So what do I do ..... Tell my kids I will probably be thrown in jail in front of them.  Liberty cries for a couple seconds and we are now at our next stop.  The terrible continues to pour  out of my children and I still have make the drive home.  Then on the radio I hear the Trace Adkins song that was playing in the background during the birth of my twins "You're gonna miss this"  A tear comes to my eye as I think of days gone by but the the next slap sounds and I forced back to reality. 

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The Lane Family said...

Hadley is SO SWEET and I am so happy for Miss Melody!!

I had to laugh and I know your exact feelings when it comes to the hitting slapping and the adventures of not only having 4 kids but 2 the same is a BIG difference from having singletons :)

I LOVE the Trace Adkins song and the song by Darius RUcker...because all of them are SO TRUE...SO TRUE!!!

My kids often times tell me that they want me to get pregnant again ASAP....I just need to pray and it will happen..but I think 3 living and 5 on the other side is a great number to stop at :)