Monday, July 16, 2012

So Today was a Fun day!

 Should have been a regular church day as our little family would say.  But Cooper threw a wrench in the regular plans when he woke up crying and I laid him on my floor when suddenly he puked.  Our night prior to that was a blast despite the rain at a ReTiReMent Family Celebration for my father in law {although his present wasn't all that it cracked up to be;)} on my part anyway! 
Drew had regular Sunday Morning meetings and I asked him to come home to pick up kids so that I could stay home with Coop.  When trying to wake them was pointless, I decided to let them skip Sacrament Meeting, and drop them off for Primary.  {Which we barely made even with extra time}  No time for Fresh raspberries and cream for breakfast either.  Coop and I crawled back into bed and shared some giggles which the two of us desperately needed after this past week.  I napped, he begged to watch Disney channel .  I was having waves of nausea hit me now, and was grateful for the slower paced day.  Got to chat with my mom and Mel, and then Camber called after checking on Janae and her family.  It's been clear Janae has not felt well the last couple of days and I felt uneasy leaving her to go to Utah, but they rallied and came the following day.  But Saturday, as I left her at home she sobbed, and that is not like Janae.  I scurried around her house picking things up and filled the sink with clorox water to wash a few things down hoping to eliminate the bug they had in their home.  So, after three people tell Janae she should see the Dr. to get checked today, I call one more time to tell her to actually do it.  With the convincing of her mother in law, they decide to go to the hospital.  I grab Miss Ana Bellie Ellie to play at our house for a bit.  She walks around saying Momma, momma, and grabs a handful of dirt to EAT.  Grandpa Anthony comes by to take for a ride on the 4-wheeler and we await the news from the hospital.  It is decided that they will try to hydrate Janae and see if the contractions are for real.  It doesn't seem very long until it is determined this is BABy DAY!  Even Travis is feeling uncomfortable playing golf, so he quits his tournament to head to the hospital.  Grandpa Anthony leaves here to go check and calls when it is confirmed she is staying but figures it will be awhile because she is only a five.  Within 10 minutes I get a phone call from an emotional dad saying the baby is here.  It's done.  I had to ask if the baby was o.k. because of the emotion.  BUT Janae didn't have a camera.  Camber and I make a break with the camera and arrive to find some VERY excited people.  With mom torn leaving the new parents in Utah to head off to welcome another grandson she arrived in no time at all it felt like.  The new little boy is perfect.  Being completing the opposites of his sister without the olive skin, but having the silkiest blonde hair and being hungrier than ever.   I was dumb and drank a Dr.Pepper in all the excitement and now I can't sleep.  Aniston fits right in with a shirt and basketball shorts for bed time and her magic blanket.  But tommorrow will kick my trash if I don't get some sleep.  Can't wait to take her to meet her baby brother tommorrow.

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The Lane Family said...

What a crazy day.....if Janae has another baby she better head immediately to the hospital if she feels yucky at all :)

I hope everyone gets feeling better very soon and the bug moves on!!!