Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So.......This is March

The last week of March and First of April in the frigid weather ........we had SPRING BREAK. As I read on a blog this morning it didn't "RECHARGE my internal batteries" like I needed it to. So we planned a couple of days to Provo because the kids wanted a hotel to swim. The Anthony Clan loaded up for the trip and decided to use price line for our accommodations and ended up in a place with an outdoor pool. As part of the trip we stopped in Bountiful and finally got to meet the missionary couple, The Fredrickson's or the FREDDIES, Drew served with on his mission in Australia. The have been a hard couple to catch up with because they not only have been to Australia but Mexico, Texas, the church office buildings, and now are putting their papers in for another one. Drew and Brother Fredrickson visited alot one on one while I chased the twins, but Liberty and Burton followed Sister Fredrickson around everywhere she went. She did puzzles with them, they sat on the bar stools while she finished a salad, and dessert, and not very long into the visit Liberty just would randomly climb up on her lap and sit. It was so sweet!

Burton eating Gizzards for the first time.... YUCK! I told him he was eating lizard hearts and he finished the breading on the outside and threw away the heart. My mom has always eaten them. I remember stopping at the old Mini Barn in Blackfoot for her to get some gizzards. My other memorable experience was with Mike and Joan......they sound like you are chewing on plastic.

A first happened.... The man against cell phones got what...... A CELL we had to catch it on camera to record it in history.

I wish this happened more often.... HA! HA! but do to some floaty's in the tub, I hurried him to the toilet.....just so happened that POOP happened in the toilet......Liberty and Burton were the best cheerleaders and the event was so funny I tried to capture the whole thing but Cooper got shy around the camera. Cameras aren't meant to be in the bathroom.

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The Empey Fam! said...

hahaha I love Coopers face there! and i am SHOCKED your dad got a cell phone!! haha thats hilarious! Sounds like a fun trip to Provo! The twins are getting so big!