Saturday, October 31, 2009

The changes a week can bring......

Ever in a mad race to catch up, keep up on top of the pile, or manage the next mess before it begins spiral out of control seems to be the story of my life the last two weeks. I have had life to manage, presents to be sneaky about (Drew turned 30), and Young Women in Excellence to plan and now finally make happen ( I really have been excited about all of the above but it has been a lot of work behind the scences).
Tonight in an effort to catch up and clean the memory card of my camera, I was reviewing the activities of the last month And how truly my family has been blessed. My Dad has been really sick. He nevers throws in the towel but we knew he was sick when he asked to go to the ER not once but twice this month. He had a bad relapse of this illness last week and was admitted to the hospital. As busy as they are this year with the swine flu, they let him come home to sleep and to go back in for testing the next day. The night he came home happened to be Drew's Birthday and we had a little shindig planned with our families. Drew and His Dad administered to my Dad and I was so blessed to see the unity of families. All three men I admire coming together to use their priesthood power to make one whole.
A couple of days later good news arrived and the illness my dad is suffering from is giardia (coming from drinking river water to say it cleanly:)). So, last Sunday was a day of thanks and being ever so grateful to the blessing given to us. We recognized the blessing given to us. Now I sit in reflection of the week gone by and the everyday happenings, the conversations I've had, the blogs I've read ....I'm a blog hopper.....You need to read Payne on my blog list about change.....and how I should never take anything for granted. How life can take dramatic turns and sometimes it isn't always with good news. And now a Sunday later I am asking for that blessing to come to a family in need.

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The Lane Family said...

It sounds like you have had quite a month. I am sorry to hear about your dad. Giardia is one nasty little bug!! When I worked in public health I did a lot of investigations helping people find out where they may have gotten the "little bugger". The medicine to treat it is NASTY!!

I too feel so blessed to have the power of the priesthood in our home. When we lived back in Idaho often Darren and Jim or Darren, Jim and Darren' Dad would give blessings as needed Whenever my dad was around or available I would ask for blessings from him as well. The power of Priesthood is amazing.

I also love to read blogs especially family, friends and other mother's of multiples. You should really check out the the Multiples and More blog site (I have a button you can click and get there from my blog site.)

Also Avery is a'okay the IV pole is a left over from last year about this time. We use it to hang things on and the kids are completely in love with it. Avery still deals with a lot of GI issues and her fontanelle is still huge but other than that we are okay. By the way your twin that everyone says has the larger head (what do they know) has his fontanelle closed????