Tuesday, May 17, 2011

{It's Silly ,Really...}

This confession at best is Silly... Really! I have taken to Dancing with the Stars this SEASON and both Drew and I {YES, Drew is as involved as I am} have a choice to who should win the mirror ball trophy. Can you guess mine? Can you guess Drew's? I absolutely LOVE all of the final four and hate to see any of them go BUT I really really LOVE Mr. Hines Ward. I blame this little obsession on my Grandma Anthony. This little old lady LOVED Dancing with the Stars. She especially loved the dancers who have roots in Southeast Idaho and of course the Osmond's. She sat faithfully in her little green rocking chair and anticipated it coming on all week. I don't know how she watched it that well she always complained of her poor eye sight but when this show came on she caught the smallest details.
At the end of it's airing each night if she was moved by a performance the phone would ring and it would be her on the other end and I would have to pretend I was interested in that particular season and agree and ask questions that would make her let me in on what she liked so well. We rarely watched T.V. Monday nights there are to many things to do for the next day so while bathing kids or mopping the floor we would have it on as background noise just to listen to the show anticipating Grandma's phone call. I was so into last night's show on Hines and Kim's first dance and the tears, the fall, and how cute he is when he dances ;) I wish I could of called her. I kept asking Drew who he thought Grandma would want to win...... probably Chelsea {She is a Disney star... my children LOVE Disney... so that is how Grandma would pick her choice}. That's o.k. She can side with Drew on this one. He is known for being on her good side. He would always sit down with her to watch the Game show channel and drink one of her ensure drinks.
T.V. is really a fun thing sometimes. Not only did we get caught up in Dancing with the Stars last night but CASTLE. Holy moses.. now I have to wait three months until I can see if Kate heard Richard tell her he loved her. AHHH! I Loved how not only us were into to it but Jamie and Ryan. It is not the only time we've called each other mid show to share insight to what is going on. It's silly, Really.......
**I might just watching football....Pittsburgh Steeler fan ;)

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The Lane Family said...

That is so darn funny!!! I LOVE how Drew would sit down and drin Ensure with Grandma Anthony that is so darn sweet :) JIm and I have a few shows are also very, very into so I completely understand!!!

We also LOVE Castle and I am too going to wait and see what happens and it will be a long wait :) It is about time he admitted how he feels!!!

i hope all is well with you and going well with you!!!

Shanna & Brad said...

I get into Dancing with the Stars as well. Each season I think, oh I'm not going to watch. But then I record it and find myself watching it while I workout or relax. And by the end of the season I just have to know who wins. I thought Hines did a great job so I was happy for him. That story about your Grandma is too cute!