Friday, July 15, 2011

A Little Piece of Heaven........

{People who have meant alot to Liberty this year..... Mrs. Lisa Nelson, Mr. Dave Mecham, STAR tutor Kaylee, and so many more..... We are always to Lucky to have people cross our paths and become friends. Liberty is a very sensitive little girl and attaches very easily to teachers and STAR tutors. It is always nice to have people in our lives to stop and say Hi to her at school ( She can struggle a little during the school year.... She thinks we are party animals at home ... boy, do I have her fooled;)) Examples from church, older cousins, Aunts are all a glimmer in her day. Liberty's sensitive spirit is always ready to serve. She carries around her little brother Mack either playing or when he is sad, loves holidng baby cousins, and is ready to help the neighbors whenever. Our family was getting in the car to go to Idaho Falls this summer and she saw our neighbor out trimming trees and as I was walking out, she and Burton we coming back in for gloves. I asked why they weren't in the car and they bothed replied, "That Phil needed help."

We shared a very special day in June. The day Miss Liberty has waited for for a LONG time. I've been to alot of baptisms of nieces and nephews and they are all very special but being the mother had a very special feeling for me. Bring on Activity Days. She got to attend one before they took a month off and she was all smiles :).

I can’t wait until I’m eight for then I’ll be baptized you see......
Liberty Grace Park
Wednesday, June 15, 2011
Firth Stake Center
Bishop Clair Christensen, Conducting
Opening Song......... I Like My Birthdays
Pianist ...... Krissy Park
Chorister........ Camber Lewis
Opening Prayer........Jordyn Park
Talk on Baptism..........Jamie Kidman
Special Musical Number..........I’m Trying to be Like Jesus
Liberty Park
{Witnesses - Grandpa Bruce Anthony & Grandpa Michael Park}
Talk on Holy Ghost.........Janae Evans
Remarks...........Bishop Clair Christensen
Closing Song........ I Lived in Heaven
Closing Prayer.......Burton Park
Please join us for treats at our home

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